Lovecraftian Horror

Welcome to the Popular Genres blog folks! This is where you will be responded to the texts we are studying, so make sure you know how to navigate it.

This week we are taking a deep dive into Lovecraftian Horror or Weird Fiction. Please make sure you have seen The Void and read A Shadow Over Innsmouth as both will be required to answer any of these questions.

Also, your academic readings for this week are on Blackboard, so please engage with them as you will be expected to use AT LEAST three references in your posts (which by the way, should be at least 500 words)

Anyway, please choose at least one of the following questions to respond to and make sure that you CATEGORIZE your post according to the week it belongs in. If you do not do this, then I may not see it.


Reyes (2014), describes Body Horror as being a “fictional representation of the body exceeding itself or falling apart, either opening up or being altered past the point where it would be recognised by normative understandings of human corporeality.” How do The Void and Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth make use of this definition to explore themes of the unknown?

What is the philosophy of cosmicism and how is it used to convey a sense of dread in both The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Void?

According to Joshi (2007), a tale from the Cthulhu Mythos has several defining features that occur regularly throughout Lovecraft’s work. What are these features and how are they used in The Shadow Over Innsmouth? Furthermore, can you see any of these features being used in The Void?

Stableford (2007) details the historical formation of Cosmic Horror prior to Lovecraft. Describe in brief this formation and how it affected the Lovecraftian School of Cosmic Horror which would soon become the gold standard. Can you see any of these historical movements having an influence in The Shadow Over Innsmouth or The Void?

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