The three basic elements of horror

According to Steven King there are three basic elements to horror. Revolution, Horror, Terror. I would put the likes of Medusa in revulsion as well as Frankensteins Monster. He was described as being too horrific to look at. Medusa would turn a person to stone if they looked at her and was said to be horrific and repulsive if seen through a reflection. The Void would be a combination of all three. You have the revulsion the characters felt when they saw the people the doctor had surgicaly put together and then the fear of what was out there. It was the fear of the unknown. And the sheer terror of being strapped to the table before being operated on, and not being able to get away. This is a common factor in a lot of horror films and books. We all look at things in life differently so for some the terror or revulsion is not the same as to others. Fear of the unknown is usually a common fear as in the Shadow of Innsmouth where there were shadows and noises and a form of veral sounds, but the person could see nothing, but his imaginations ran wild with what could be in store for him.

I remember watching the footage of the planes crashing into the world trade centre and the sheer horror of it. Seeing the people jumping off the top so they didn’t get burnt alive. I can just imagine the terror they must have gone through. (Horror has also been definedĀ  as a combination of terror and revulsion.) Noel Carroll

There are many definitions of horror, terror and repulsion and it depends on who you are and how you look at the world. Some people find facial tattooing and pearcings repulsive and hard to look at, while others find them beautiful and others are totaly fascinated and intrigued. So it is all there, we have our horrors and terrors and repulsive feelings, but are we all frightened and repulsed by something, even if it’s not the same thing as each other.

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