Week 5: Cult TV

Wilcox and Lavery (2002) identify 9 defining characteristics of “quality TV” – can you apply ay of these to other television series that you have viewed recently? Are there any other characteristics that you could add to their list?

Television has become an important part of our modern-day lives, it plays a major part in our lives because we are ought to be entertained and engross in a whole different world with various stories and plots and that is television. In my experience, most people choose to watch a particular series based on the quality – the budget and the famous actors being casted, but the majority are more interested in the story behind it, what the show can bring to life, and the morals of the story.

As of Wilcox and Lavery (2002), they have mentioned the 9 characteristics that are involved in a show that can be considered as ‘quality television’. Using the example of Buffy the Vampire Slayereach characteristic is found in the show and through my number of favourite TV shows I believe that some of their 9 characteristics can be found although not all of them. Through their research and their characteristics of quality TV show, Supernatural – one of my favourite shows will be used to apply these characteristics to.

Supernatural is show of dark fantasy genre, created by American writer, director and producer Eric Kripke. The show was first broadcast back in September 2005. It follows the story of two brothers – Sam and Dean Winchester – whose mother was killed by a demon and whose father, forced by his grief to seeking out revenge on any monstrous creature, took Sam and Dean with him to his hunting and taught them everything there is to know about the supernatural world.

First of all, Supernatural has a large number of cast, at the beginning of the show the two main characters are Dean and Sam but as the show progresses and the story continues, more characters are introduced and many fans of the show speculate that there is a rise in the number of maincharacters (“Ranker”, n.d). The second characteristic that is covered in Supernatural, is that quality TV has a memory. This can be applied to Sam and Deans mother who was murdered at the beginning of the show. The character: Mary Winchester (“Supernatural”, n.d). Continues to be mentioned by other characters, the memory of her continues to inspire other characters’ actions and creates an arc in the show.

The third characteristic found in Supernatural, is where the show creates a new genre by mixing old ones. Supernatural was not only written from overarching mythology with its’ season spinning stories and mysteries to be solved that can be categorized under the show Scooby Doo (Foley, 2014).


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