Week 6 Cult TV

What role does Hill (2004) suggestive fans play in the construction of Cult TV? How is new media central to this?

In the TV industry, fans are one of the most important aspects in the success of a TV show, they not only support the continuous of a TV show but also supports each other in the process. According to Hills (2004) “cult arises ultimately from audience passion for a TV show”. Hills also suggest that cult TV not only depends on the fan’s devotion and support but also defending one’s fans passion, supporting each other means working together under their favorite TV show, resulting in their show being celebrated. Fans are also committed to write about their favorite shows, and in order to work together fans are able to critically analyze and appreciate each other’s favored text. Also, Hills (2004) suggests that cult TV fans depends on the shows because it identifies them as well as their lifestyles. All the fans gather for conventions, they share their interest with one another, it creates a sort of shared opinions through fans, the shows are also supported by the fans through their creativity, through fan fiction, commentaries and episode guides. The appreciation from fans as well as the conventions they set up can give the fandom a good view. The fans of cult TV creates props and other merchandise and is spread around or introduced to other cult TV fans by the web.


Hills, M. (2004). Defining cult TV; Texts, inter-texts and fan audiences. The Television Studies Reader. Retrieved from https://blackboard.aut.ac.nz/bbcswebdav/pid-4914230-dt-content-rid-10157821_4/institution/Papers/ENGL602/Publish/Hills%202004.pdf



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