Week 10 Alternate History and Science Fiction – Doppelgängers

Question 6: What other TV shows or movies can you think of which have sinister doubles in them and which of the above category do you think they belong to?

Elena Gilbert and Katerina Petrova (Katherine Pierce)
“The Vampire Diaries”

When the subject of Doppelgangers came up in the lecture this week, my mind immediately went to the popular cult vampire television series, The Vampire Diaries. Main Protagonist Elena Gilbert finds out she was adopted and in the process finds out that her boyfriend is a 170 year old vampire who was turned by his ex girlfriend; Katherine Pierce, who also happens to be Elena’s Doppelganger. Elena comes from the Petrova bloodline which started with the progenitor Amara. the Doppelganger is a special kind of Human being in the “magical” world after the Mikalson clan uses the blood of Tatia (another petrova doppelganger) to seal Klaus Mikalson’s Warewolf gene. he then goes on a mission to find the next Doppelganger to sacrifice them ion order to break his “curse”.

Katherine is very jealous of Elena and tries to steal her life at any chance she gets and often attempts to kill Elena. they compete for the affections of the character “stefan” until Elena falls in love with Stefan’s older brother Damon who was also in love with Katherine in the past and now due to Katherine’s abuse and manipulation of him, hates her with a passion. Katherine still tries to destroy elena and damon’s relationship .

Because they are technically related, Katherine is Elena’s distant ancestor. Katherine fits into the Biological Doppelganger category. she constantly tries to harm her doppelganger Elena making her a very sinister Doppelganger. in the end she was destroyed by her own ambition.

Commander Shepard and the Clone Shepard
“Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC”

Not a film or Television show. but in the Game Mass Effect; Bioware intergrated into their final DLC a ‘boss’ battle with a Double or Doppelganger of the Main Protagonist Commander Shepard. fans of the series are aware that when shepard died at the beginning of Mass Effect 2; cerberes worked on the Lazaras project to bring shepard back to life. what was kept secret until this moment was that cerberes created a clone of Shepard “just in case” the commander needed an extra limb etc. the clone should never have been awakened however a rouge cerberes agent woke the clone and manipulated her into evil in order to destroy the real commander shepard and take her place following cerberes commands. just like Katherine (above) the Shepard clone is technically a biological doppelganger. after she is defeated by the real Shepard and her crew, she does not see any pupose in her life and so commits suicide.

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