Week Nine: Cosplay

According to Mountfort (2018), what are the three main genres of cosphotography and what are their dominant features?

Mountford (2018) describes the three main genres of cosphotography as being; fashion shows, photography sessions and cosplay arts. These three genres originate from those who practice cosphotography and act as a natural progression for those in the hobby, or professional sphere.

Each genre is distinct, unique and shows off cosplay in it’s own way, fashion shows for instance commonly take place on a catwalk or some sort of stage – in front of a live audience or set of cameras. The catwalk would allow for several different angles for the cosplay to be displayed and (like a stage) would allow for many different cosplayers to show themselves at once. Photography sessions allow for stills to be taken of the cosplayers in various poses, shots like these are commonly used for advertisement or marketing – but also personal use and collection.

Mountfort, P. (2018). Cosphotography and fan capital. In Planet cosplay: Costume play, identity and global fandom (pp.45-74). Bristol, UK: Intellect Books.

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