Week Nine: Cosplay

Question Three: What are some of the major fan convention, when did they begin and how do they differ from each other?


Cosplay is defined by Mountfort, Peirson-Smith & Geczy, (2018) as, “a performance medium in which embodied textual citation and photographic practices come together and sometimes collide (pg.1) . Moreover, photography both documents and preconditions elements of the cosplay performance, via visual genres typically spanning those of the fashion runway, studio and ‘hallway’ shoots. Furthermore, another important terminology to be aware of is the word “cosphotography”. Mountfort, Perison-Smith & Geczy (2018) mention, “the term for photography of cosplay is “cosphotography”” (pg.6). 

Furthermore, one of the major Fan Conventions in the Australasia is Armageddon Expo. It is a New Zealand-based pop culture convention that holds multiple events around New Zealand in cities including Auckland (began in 1995), Wellington (began in 1998) and follow ups in Tauranga and Christchurch in (began from 1997) (Mountfort, Perison-Smith & Geczy, 2018). Beyond Reality Media Premiere Event Management Ltd. (BRM) Is the company that runs all of the Armageddon Expo events. BRM was created back in 1995 The event is run and organised by Beyond Reality Media (BRM) since 1995 (Armageddon, 1995) . In recent years, it has evolved from its roots of comics and trading cards to showcase computer and video gaming, animation, film and television, cosplay, comics and retailers selling pop-culture merchandise . The convention hosts celebrity guests from the worlds of movies, TV shows, animation, cosplay, comics and gaming (Wikipedia, 2019). This is evident by the planned cosplay contests, tournaments and celebrity guest panels which allows fans to meet, get an autograph and attend photo sessions with their idols, just to name a few ways the event attracts people to attend it. Interestingly, Armageddon Expo is one of the largest public conventions held in New Zealand (Armageddon, 1995). This year Armageddon would be having their expo in the labour weekend, which is from the 25-28th of October 2019 at ASB Showgrounds.

Image result for armageddon convention auckland 2019

Another major fan convention is Sakura-Con. If you’re into anime, manga and comics, Sakura Con would be the number one in your bucket list. Sakura-Con is an annual three-day anime convention held during March or April in Seattle, Washington. It is hosted by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA) , an organisation which prides to accommodate an estimated of 25,00 in their recent 2017 Sakura Con convention. The roots of Sakura Con are the local science fiction scientists who decided in their circles that there wasn’t great exposure of anime in the society, so they decided to host the very fist Sakura convention in 1998 at the Double Tree Inn, Tukwila, Washington (Wikipedia, 2019). There are multiple similarities between Armageddon and Sakura-Con, as Sakura Con typically offers its guests plenty of fun from anime game shows, anime music video contests, collectible card gaming and cosplay contests (Chansanchai, 2007). Correspondingly, the differences between the two are, that, Armageddon has a very broad spectrum of characters cos playing in their convention and the theme is multi facet in comparison to Sakura Con, whereas Sakura Con is mainly Anime driven and influence is greatly focused on Japanese cultural arts and presentations. As a result, this is what makes Armageddon very distinct and special (Mountfort, Perison-Smith & Geczy, 2018). Another distinction between the two are, that Sakura Con has a charity auction called ” Make-A-Wish Foundation” which donates the sponsors and contributes money to calamities such as tsunami relief and blood drives (Chansanchai, 2007).

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To conclude, with all of the crazy-awesome comic and anime Cosplay events around the world, there will be no shortage of fun for those who can’t get enough Cosplay. And with events all over the world, you’re sure to find one close enough to be able to get to it without too much trouble.


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