Week 11-12

Where do you think the future of reality television shows is heading?  Will new forms of technology for example make an impact? 

1. future of reality television shows is heading

The law of historical development tells us that the outbreak of reality show is not an accident, but a product of social development to a certain stage (Hill,2005).

The first reason is the development of information technology, which enables media companies to produce long videos recording the actions of famous public figures (stars) in the whole process, which can be quickly received and retained (repeated watching, if the reality show can only be seen once, and cannot be watched repeatedly, it is difficult to share and spread, after all, it is blank and powerless to describe someone’s looks and expressions by word-of-mouth. )In front of consumers.

The second reason is that with the improvement of material living standards, consumers are no longer satisfied with only enjoying the performances of stars, but also want to see the more real side of these public figures. So, based on these two main points, the reality show came into being, and it’s not surprising that it even presents a blowout.

What will be the impact on the future social development of reality TV programs that are now rampant?

From now on, in the hot reality show, it can be said that it is the world of reality show people, so in this period, it will reshuffle the influence of stars. The value of reality stars loved by the audience will rise rapidly, and vice versa. However, due to the limited aesthetic cognition of the audience, only a few stars will finally stand out and become superstars. At the same time, the eye-catching reality show has a strong rejection of other forms of programs other than reality show, and the impact on society is to further stimulate the public’s desire for performance, and want to stand on the stage, in front of the camera.

The rise of live broadcast websites stems from this. For the future, the fall of reality TV programs is inevitable. Most aesthetic needs are endless, it will fatigue, and then find new aesthetic objects. Even the superstars assumed above cannot be avoided. Moreover, with the rise of various live broadcast websites, the reality TV market will inevitably be eaten by more fragmented, timely and personalized live broadcast. After all, the quality of live broadcast is rising, and reality show has reached its peak, there is no room for rising.

2.Technology and the impact

The impact of technology on reality shows is obvious. The reason is that with the rapid development of society, people are not only satisfied with the most basic material desires, but also pursue more spiritual needs. Technology just meets this day and promotes the rapid development of a series of reality shows such as live broadcast (Lamb,2016). But the development of reality show is a little too fast because of the expansion of technology, which is not a good thing. Now the social demand for spiritual stimulation is also increasing (for example, a British reality show is about turning an ordinary person into a ‘murderer’ within 72 hours), which is actually a psychological defense challenge for actors.

Reference list:

Hill, A. (2005). Reality TV: Audiences and Popular Factual Television. London: Routledge.

Lamb, B. (2016). Cathy Come Off Benefits: A comparative ideological analysis of Cathy Come Home and Benefits Street. Journalism and Discourse Studies, (2), 2-21. 

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