Week 11 – 12 Reality TV

Reality television is program in which documents unscripted, real-life situations. Starring unknown individuals rather than professional actors. Reality TV tends to show confessionals, where contest is being discussed where they reflect on provide context as depicted on screen. Take for example “Cathy come home”, a recording of a homeless person who lives off the streets of British, the show also has a live studio audience who are involved in the production of the reality TV and uses hidden surveillance to capture every moment on camera for the viewers.

Throughout the productions of Reality TV, it has changed over time and some viewers may argue that a particular Reality TV show, shows a lack amount of realism. As it is called “Reality” it stems from what society sees every day and how we as the people deal with different situations in life. This is important however because the viewers/audience decides the fate of any show. If the number of viewers/audience decreases then the show must be stopped and if the numbers increases the show may continuing being on air. Mixing of genres in Reality Tv is also another aspect that can keep a Reality TV show going. For example; Survivor, it is a show where contestants compete in a number of tasks to win the final prize. The show is thrilling because the contestants are given hard tasks to accomplish, it is also adventurous as each season of the show has a different location. Usually the contestants have never been to these locations.

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