I will be answering question six. I will be using the forms of doubles as defined by Mountford (Mountfort, 2018).

The first set of doubles that I want to discuss is a bit non-traditional, the paid being Aang and Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. the two are atypical biological while they neither look particularly similar nor are related, they aren’t even the same nationality. however, the series deals with reincarnation. It is revealed later on in the series that Zuko is descended from Avatar Aang’s previous incarnation Avatar Roku.

While Aang and Zuko start off as diametrically opposed mortal enemies, by the end they are inseparably close friends and allies who have risked their lives for each other. the two follow similar character arcs, Zuko initially hunting for Aang in order to regain his honour and ultimately learning that attempting to please his genocidal tyrant father Firelord Ozai is the wrong move to make.

Aang feels that he has been dishonoured by his choice to run from being Avatar leading to the rest of the Air Nomads being wiped out in a genocidal campaign by Roku’s best friend who betrayed him and Zuko’s other great grandfather Firelord Sozin. Aang eventually even echoing Zuko’s catchphrase “I need to regain my honour” after failing to stop Zuko’s sister Azula from conquering the Earth Kingdom and subjugating its people.

The other set of doubles I want to talk about are Peter Parker and Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into the spider-verse. Peter Parker when we first meet him as Spider-Man is a minor celebrity in the New York City we are presented with. seemingly the only superhero in this universe at this time. This version has his life together, he has been in the superhero game for ten years and licenced Spider-Man everywhere. He’s a picture of handsomeness, he’s clean-shaven, he’s a married grad student with piles upon piles of technology and special costumes designed to help him fight crime more effectively and he’s defeated supervillains time and again. He’s also blonde and voice acted by Chris Pine (Konietzko & DiMartino, 2005).

Peter B Parker could only be in a worse position if he was homeless. He’s been doing this for 22 years and it’s ruined everything for him, it’s destroyed the same marriage, it’s bankrupted him on one bad business move. he’s nose is crooked seemingly from being broken at some point, he hasn’t shaved for a while, he’s got a black eye, he’s let himself go physically. His apartment is a tiny mess, he spends his time sitting in a fetal position in the shower crying in his Spider-Man outfit. He has brown hair and is played by Jake Johnson.

They sound incredibly different, but if you cleaned up Peter B Parker, or made Peter Parker much scruffier you could tell that these quantum doubles from different universes are the same person. they just have different hair and voices (Persichetti, Ramsey & Rothman, 2018)

Mountfort, P. (2018). Science fictional doubles: Technologization of the doppelgänger and sinister science in serial science fiction TV. Journal of Science & Popular Culture1(1), 59-75. doi:10.1386/jspc.1.1.59_1.

Konietzko, B., & DiMartino, M. D. (Directors). (2005). Avatar: The Last Airbender [Television series]. New York, NY: Nickelodeon.

Persichetti, B., Ramsey, P., & Rothman, R. (Directors). (2018). Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [Motion picture]. USA: Sony animation.

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