The Continuous Story of Spirited Away

Act 1 (the full text continues the story from the perspective of Chihiro)

Bid farewell to the Haku, No-face, Yubaba and everyone in the world of mysterious disappearance, I returned to the human world with my parents to continue to start a new life. I still remember how much I missed Haku and everyone in the world of mysterious disappearance. Before the first few weeks that I entered the new school. Every time I passed the school jungle, I longed to cross the jungle to meet Haku again. At night I started opening the window, looking up at the sky and thinking how nice it would be to suddenly see a white dragon. Those a few nights sleep of time, I always take the lucky head bond that Zeniba gave me to see in the hand, think: what are Zeniba doing in this time? Are you happily weaving with the faceless man?

“Will we meet again there?”


“Must be?”


With Haku this dialogue and the promise I have been in mind, until now also lingering. So much so that at that time, whenever I looked at the vast expanse of the night sky, I remembered this conversation. With the passage of time, I put this miss silently in my heart, the promise into the power of my life, thinking: we will meet again one day!

Act 2

It is sunny today. The morning sun slanted on the corner of my bed, I lay in bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking about how to solve the problem that the chemistry teacher told me in the chemistry class yesterday. At the same time, I was thinking about which high school I would go to in the future. “Chihiro, get up! Going to school!” “Chihiro, come and eat the breakfast daddy prepared for you! … Very delicious…”I’m used to my parents interrupting my thoughts every time I think about something. The examination results would be coming out today. On the way to school I found that the students are walking very fast to know their results immediately. For students with good grades, receiving grades are a common thing; for someone like me who always get the lower grades, this means that my pocket money will be gone again this month, and even sometimes I will be laughed at by my classmates. Looking at the test paper handed out from the teacher, the “50” written in red pen greeted me, which made my mood become depressed. I chose to sit quietly on the seat did not speak, silently waiting for the end of school time. When I was silently waiting for school time, I suddenly felt several figures trying to approach me. “Chihiro, how many points did you get on this test?” “Let me guess, the last one or the last two one this time?” “Such a ‘smart’ person as Chihiro, this test must be the number one in the class! It’s just the number one upside down hahaha.” Every time I face the ridicule of these students, I would like to find a gap on the ground drilling. However, I couldn’t argue with them. My grades were really bad. If they laughed at me for my poor grades and incompetence, at best I would ignore them. However, the words of these students are really too bad today, I cannot bear the anger and sadness in the heart, and I directly cried from the school ran away.

Act 3

Perhaps because I was so sad, I suddenly lost my way in the process of running home from school. What I saw in front of me was a quiet forest. It was twelve o ‘clock at noon. It was the autumn season, and the sun was shining down on the earth. Facing this endless forest, I began to become confused. Should I step in or stay put? I kept looking at the surroundings, which I had never seen before. Where am I? My heart was in a mess, and I kept wandering around the entrance to the forest. Then I suddenly felt someone calling me, “Chihiro! Chihiro!” I looked around and there was someone there. “Who is it? Why do you know my name?” I asked. “It’s me, Haku. Chihiro.” Haku replied.

“Haku! We finally meet! You don’t know how much I miss you after I come back! … “

“We’ll save that for another time, Chihiro. Now I have something urgent to ask you for…”

Before I could finish, Haku began to tell his story. The original four years ago after I returned to the human world, Haku no longer become Yubaba’s disciple. Because Yubaba’s ambition is too big, she wanted to manipulate the whole world of mysterious disappearance for a time. The atmosphere of the whole world of mysterious disappearance became miasmatic, and the deities who lived in the world of the deities were fed up with this control. Haku and those in the spirit of the world of people who work together to drive Yubaba out of the spirit of the world, now the spirit of the world and restore harmony and peace. See the spirit of the world to restore calm, then left Haku. Haku left the world of gods and spirits, became nowhere to go and kept flying back and forth in the sky every day. A chance, Haku fly tired will stay in a forest without a name. Here, Haku made friends with many other species of animals.

“Then……What can I do for you? If it is for Haku, I will do my best to help you.”

“This time for your help…”

“Haku! what’s wrong with you?!”

“The forest…The mysterious forest…”Perhaps because of the bad signal, my conversation with Haku soon ended. From the tone of Haku’s voice, I can imagine that something must have happened in the mysterious forest, and this must be very important to Haku. According to the known clue is mysterious forest, and in front of me is a forest, I have “must help Haku” mentality without hesitation into the mysterious forest, to see what happened.

As I entered the forest, I moved forward cautiously, afraid of meeting and disturbing terrible creatures. It’s a big forest, after all, and back when I was a kid watching Animal World, it was full of unknown creatures. Just as I was thinking about encountering something scary or unknown, a group of animals came running in my direction and I heard someone say, “Run, the polar bears of the arctic kingdom are invading our territory again!”. I ran with the animals at the sight and managed to find a place to hide. Before I could sit down, a standing brown bear appeared in front of me.

“Hi! Are you from the human world?”

“Yes. How do you know I’m from the human world?”

“Haku once told me that he came into contact with a girl from the human world in the hidden world opposite this forest…”

In the conversation, I realized that the brown bear named Mouffy had once saved Haku, so Haku wanted to help Mouffy’s family and the polar bear family to solve their problems. However, because the world of mysterious disappearance just returned to peace, the world of mysterious disappearance people also needs Haku back to help them build a harmonious world. That’s why I was sent to help Mouffy’s family instead of Haku.

 “So why are you brown bears fighting the polar bears?”

“That’s a long story. A long time ago, I was friends with a white bear named Lope. From time to time, Lope would come to the mysterious forest to play. Especially when it comes to hibernation, we both compete to see who has more food for the winter. He who has more food is the winner. However, after each visit to the mysterious forest, Lope returned to the polar bear kingdom with a fever. As a result, Lope did not visit the mysterious forest for several years. Instead, they often complain about why they can’t come to live in the mysterious forest. Every time we complain, we take over our chassis.”

“What now?”

“… So, the arctic kingdom sent a message of war to our forests. As long as we beat the ice bears at the winter stockpiling contest, they won’t be there. The thing is I’ve hurt my paw and foot lately, eh…”

“I’ll do it. I’ll help you.”

I wonder who gave me the courage to say this. Despite Mouffy’s insistence that winter stockpiling is not a one-day success, I accepted the challenge. After Mouffy explained that stockpiling for the winter was a skill thing, he began to teach me how to do it. I didn’t cry or give up when Mouffy taught me how to stock up. Because I didn’t think I was capable of doing it. I had expected Mouffy’s attitude to be the same as my parents, disappointed in me and quietly leaving in search of the next person to take his place. Instead, Mouffy encouraged me and told me that only by making myself strong could others look up to me. Fear is not only a little bit, but also to stabilize themselves must not give up. Every time you can’t hold on or lose your composure, remember to take a deep breath. With Mouffy’s encouragement, I went back to practice and finally defeated Lope, ending the war between them. Lope and Mouffy are back together. Just as I was pondering how to return to the human world, my cell phone suddenly rang. It was my mother who called me. Finally, I returned to the entrance of the forest and went back to the human world to continue my life.


My fanfiction is a sequel to Spirited Away. The whole story is divided into three acta. The first act is a review of the end of Spirited Away. Because this fan fiction is a sequel, in order to let readers understand the story of the context, so in the beginning of the story of the content of the previous novel has an explanation, that is, a brief description of the background of this fan fiction. In the second act, I explained the cause of the story. As a Japanese intermediate school student, Chihiro was discriminated against and even bullied by several classmates because of her poor academic performance. However, Chihiro did not improve after she told the teacher about this situation. Then she had the idea of escaping from reality. In the end of the Spirited Away, Zeniba gave her a lucky bond in the shadow of the traction of her back to the world of mysterious disappearance. The third act is the climax of my fan fiction, which mainly tells the story that in the weird world, Chihiro is unwittingly involved in the battle between the polar bear and the brown bear, which leads to another story. Later, Chihiro defeated the polar bear and reclaimed the brown bear’s territory. Chihiro also learned how to self-reliance, understand only their own strong, will overcome the discrimination. Eventually, Chihiro returns to the human world.

In my fan fiction, I follow the following narrative patterns.

The Story of Humanity

When people come into close contact with their new galactic neighbors, they are expressing human stories, experiences, histories, thoughts and beliefs on behalf of humans and earth (Welle, n.d.). In my fan fiction, Chihiro represents human beings on earth, and her cognition of things and methods of handling things represent human society. For example, the pressure of going to school and campus violence in Chihiro reflect the phenomenon in our real society. People and things in the other world represent alien civilizations. The whole sequel story describes Chihiro from the earth to the strange world, which implied the story between earth and aliens.

Collective journey

Jeff Gomez, one of the world’s leading storytellers, has pointed out that collective journeys are an emerging form of storytelling that is non-linear, because the various aspects of the story can be tangent to each other or confused by multilateral factors within the story (Welle, n.d.). In my fan fiction, Chihiro is not only used as a clue to describe the development of the story, but also developed another parallel story clue, namely the struggle between polar bear and brown bear. With the development of the two stories, Chihiro is also involved in the struggle between polar bear and brown bear. This is the story of the various aspects of the tangent, but also intertwined development.

The collective journey is a non-linear, multi-platform, physical and digital experience, the story of several different people, groups, tribes, cultures, networks. This narrative approach puts events into both physical and digital interactions in cyberspace. Our journey into outer space, technological advances, mobile and urban life, and the Internet have all created the conditions for the rise of collective travel (Welle, n.d.). In my fan fiction, there is a story line is integrated into the Internet elements. That is, when Chihiro goes to the weird world again, she carries a communication device that helps her connect to the Internet, so that she can contact her parents who live on earth. It provided a turning point for her return to the human world. The introduction of this element expresses the technological development of the human world and provides a reasonable explanation for the development of the plot.


Welle, D. (n.d.). The Collective Journey: A Dynamic New Storytelling Model. Retrieved from:

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