The Promise

Fanfiction and Commentary by Ashleigh Carter. Based on the cult Anime series Blood-C created by CLAMP.


“I am sorry my love. But I can no longer keep my promise to you. Humans have become creatures of a despicable nature; I no longer feel pity or compassion towards them. I must find a way to break my contract…forgive me, Azami…

The Old Ones. Ancient monsters of unknown origin whose main form of sustenance is human flesh. So great is their strength, humanity stood no chance against them. Out of desperation, the humans sought to try to commune with the elders in order to come up with some sort of compromise which would cause the least amount of life lost. This led to the creation of the covenant – the Shrovetide. This agreement meant that the old ones could continue to feed on humans however they would be restricted to a specified time and place.

The old ones fear me; the one that feeds on their kind. The product of a union between an old one and a human. The humans have come to call me, a vampire…

Location: Kyoto City, Japan Year: 1860 Edo Period

Chapter 1 – Fated Meeting

Loneliness. It’s all I’ve ever known. That, and hunger; a hunger that I can’t control. I’m certain my eyes are glowing crimson red; pupils in slits, revealing to anyone that might see, that I am anything but human, despite my appearance.

Earlier in the day, I had caught the most delectable scent that I had ever smelled in my long life. That’s how I found myself stalking my prey through a dark, deserted street this night. How can a human smell so good? Instinct is taking over, I must control myself; I am not an animal, not like the rest of my kind who devour their prey on sight, without even being hungry. Animals. So hungry…

Zeroing in on my meal of the night, I lunge at the human preparing to sink my teeth into their neck severing their carotid artery; that’s when I feel the pain. I’ve been electrocuted, falling to the ground with a thud. Confusion hits me.


I look up and standing over me is the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her eyes glaring at me, not an ounce of fear, her eyes were like a stormy sea; long dark locks of hair in a wave down her back, skin like porcelain. So strong and yet, beneath it all, a soul so pure…

I was broken out of my daze by a hand coming across my face hard.

“what happened?! You tried to kill me is what happened! Who do you think you are?!”

“I was hungry, you are human, aren’t you?” I say standing up, hmm this girl is taller than me…

“you’re one of them, aren’t you?” to my surprise she does not look at me with disgust or hatred as other humans do. Instead she holds out her hand, I look and she’s handing me a blood bag. I look up at her in confusion.

“I know it’s not as good as the real thing, but it should help; here take it” she says sympathetically placing the bag in my hand I had not realized was outstretched.

I am speechless, I stare back and forth between her and the blood bag a few times before she gives me a slight smile and nods. I place the bag to my lips and the blood pours down my throat, moaning a little; she was right, it was not as good as the real thing but, damn it was GOOD.

“better?” she asked

“much. Thank you…?”

“Azami. my name is Azami. and you are welcome… And what should I call you?”

No one’s ever asked my name before, let alone used it…this human is peculiar

“my name is Saya.”

She smiles again and I can’t help but smile back. What is wrong with me? the strange, beautiful human turns and begins walking away from me. it’s then i notice the sword sheathed on her side. a samurai? she turns her head to look at me once again. “well? you coming or what?”

“why should i trust you, human?”

“was my giving you my blood not enough to convince you?”

that was her blood? why would this human do this? she turns back and continues walking away down the path. i sigh. fine; i’ll play, but only because i want to know what this humans game is. not because her hair smells like jasmine…ugh. i catch up to her quickly and we walk in silence for what seems like an eternity. i don’t realise i have not taken my eyes off of her, she smirks, flipping her hair back over her shoulder. “you must have questions. you’ve been staring at me for the last ten minutes.”

i quickly turn my head away. am i blushing? slowly i turn to look at her again, she’s looking at me curiously; her eyes sparkle in the moonlight.

clearing my throat “so where are we going anyway?”…

“you rely too much on your baser instincts, you let the animal side control you. i want to teach you, there’s more to you than that. i’ve decided, i’m going to teach you the ways of my clan. control. technique. humanity..”

“why?….why would you do this for someone like me? you don’t even know me; i just tried to eat you.”

“i know. there was just something in your eyes that made me want to help you.”

she held her sincerity and compassion on her sleeve; that sort of person could get themselves longer in a haze of hunger i’m able to think clearly. i make a decision that will protect this human no matter what; especially from myself.

Chapter Two – Love gained and lost

6 Months Later…..

The clash of metal can be heard throughout the compound as we bring our swords together, grunting in effort. We’ve been at this swordplay for little over an hour now and though I was only slightly tired, I could tell Azami was exhausted, she won’t last much longer. “getting tired? Ready to give up?” I tease her. “not even close.” She grins lunging forward with her sword, I have the advantage when it comes to speed and so I easily dodge her attack, swinging my sword knocking hers out of her hand pointing my sword to her throat in victory, I smile “I win”. Lowering my sword dropping it to the ground with a clang, and walking off to grab my towel.

“you’re really fast; I don’t think I have any more to teach you. The student has surpassed the master” she giggles and takes a drink of water from the fountain. The sight mesmerises me, her laugh is like bells, the most beautiful sound. “ready to hit the baths?” she breaks me out of my thoughts. I’m always losing focus around her.

“yeah, sure, let’s go” we head off to the bathhouse, which houses a large natural hot spring. Stripping down I lower myself into the water wincing with slight pain from the earlier training session. I can’t help the moan I let out when my body sinks into the healing waters; I love baths, I can feel myself slightly dozing off when I feel soft fingers on my face brushing my unruly hair out of my face then tracing my jaw. I open my eyes only to find Azami’s looking intently at me, reaching up to cup her face in my hand gently. “you’re so beautiful” she whispers as if to herself. I am overwhelmed by a feeling unfamiliar to me; slowly leaning in closer to her til our foreheads and lips are brushing against each other, she takes the last few centimetres and her soft lips are against mine in the softest of kisses; I kiss her back deepening our embrace. I am home.

i wake up in agony; i had forgotten to eat yesterday, mentally slapping myself, soo hungry…that’s when that familiar scent hits my nose, i turn to the person sleeping next to me; last night had been perfect, and now i was struggling to remember anything but how delicious she i can’t do this, please don’t make me. i lean in closer, the animal inside is taking over, my nose up against her throat i take a deep inhale, teeth now bared. closer i can feel my sharp canine teeth begin to pierce my prays flesh. “NO!!” i scream, launching myself backwards with such strength i hit my head against the wall behind me. this comotion finally awakens Azami who sits up frantically looking around until she spots me, up against the wall now with my head in my hands, shaking. she rushes over to me. “Saya?! are you ok? what happened?”

Tears begin streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks, i take her hand in mine and place it over the small puncture wound on her neck, letting go of her; i have no right to touch her. confused she looks at her fingers now with blood on them gasping. “Saya…”

“i’m so sorry! i never wanted to hurt you! i couldn’t control it, i so sorry!” i cry, shrinking into myself; she’ll never forgive me..

“but you did control yourself Saya”. she lifts my face up with her gentle loving hands to look at her; she wipes away my tears with her thumb. “you stopped yourself and i’m so proud of you, it’s only a little cut, see.” she leans in cautiously softly kissing me, looking me in the eye she smiles that smile i love.

“i…i love you Azami”

“i love you too Saya, soo much” she takes me into a deep embrace then gets up taking me with her, my hand in hers “now, how about we go get you something to eat?”

after we had eaten, i turn to Azami, taking her hand in mine. “Azami…i never want to hurt you…i need to protect you, even if its from me.”

“what are you saying Saya?”

“i will make a contract with you that can never be broken; a promise, that i can never again kill a human.”

“but, Saya; are you sure? how will you live without eating humans?”

“i will hunt old ones instead.”

“alright Saya; if this is what you want”

“i want to keep you safe. you are all that matters to me in this world Azami.”

And so the pact was written. i could no longer harm humans, nor consume their flesh. and so i became the feared one amongst the old ones; the one who kills and consumes her own kind in order to live; and more importantly, to protect the woman i love.

Weeks later….

i was walking home from gathering ingrediants to cook Azami our anniversary dinner tonight, all her favorite foods, i smile to myself thinking about what we might do after dinner..thats when i heard it; the crash from a building nearby and a blood curdling scream. i recognised the voice “Azami!” i sprinted in the direction of the scream, spilling the food on the ground. i turn the corner and the sight before me is monstrous. a bat shaped humanoid old one had crashed through the dojo by our home and had found her. i was too late; the old one had torn her in pieces before it looked up at me, dropping her leg in the process. all i saw was red, a wretched cry screamed it’s way from my throat as i ran at the monster who had taken my love from me. tearing into it with my bare hands, even using my teeth, i tear out its jugular killing it instantly, now covered in blood i fall to the ground next to what remains of Azami; the tears are a river from my eyes “no no no please no” i cry but it’s too late, there’s nothing i can do. her beautiful eyes are closed as if she were sleeping i smooth her hair out of her untouched face. the rain has now begun to pelt onto us. i gather her body into my arms cradling her to my chest. “NO!!!” my scream of agonized grief fills the night air. I am alone.


I decided to write a prequel to the cult Anime Series created by CLAMP. Blood-C. the tale of how Saya became under a contract with someone to not be able to eat humans has never been revealed and so I took the opportunity to write my own spin on what could have happened.

The story starts off with Saya at a future time, thinking back on the past and how she is now trying to break her “curse” so that she can eat humans again as she hates humans. She then explains her world and her role in it.

The story begins with Saya meeting her girlfriend Azami. a Japanese Edo Period Samurai who takes Saya in and teaches her how to fight and Saya gains some humanity and the two end up falling in love.

Saya out of the need to protect Azami from her; makes a contract that binds Saya to not be able to harm humans.

The fateful night comes when Saya stumbles upon the massacre of her beloved and is enraged sparking a century long killing spree up until she is caught and experimented on in the Anime.

The Anime uses elements from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos and so I attempted to use these elements within my fanfiction.

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Ashleigh Carter

I am Currently studying towards Bachelor of Arts. I Major in Creative Writing and Japanese Studies

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