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I have written this fanfiction with the inclusion of aspects from Volger (1998) basic character types. The fan fiction I have chosen to base the story on was from the episode “Popeye; A day at muscle beach”. However, I have changed the character of Popeye slightly, by adding extra characters to cover most of Volger’s 7 archetypes. That includes a hero (Popeye) someone who is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good. A mentor (his father/ Mother) who is a positive figure that aids and mentors. A herald (Maria sick mother) often brings a challenge to the hero. A shapeshifter (Maria) who is usually someone of the opposite sex. The shadow (Hihifo bloodline) who is seen as the threat to the hero’s village. And lastly, The Trickster (Tino) who can be a subset to the Shapeshifter, however in this case not from the opposite sides of living but rather opposite views towards the hero, found wanting to challenge the right of Popeye to the Chieftainship of the Hahake bloodline. The story is set in the Islands with the beach from the actual Popeye episode as the foundation of the settings. Set in the South Pacific, made up of sandy beaches in the 20th century. Both Maria and Popeye are in their early teens who are curiously exploring love, regardless of their village relationship.


Vogler, C. 1998. The writer’s journey: Mythic structure for writers. Studio City, CA: Michael

Wiese Productions.



Popeye is the sole descendent of the Hahake tribe, his father chief Carlos was the only survivor from the deadly war with the rivalry tribe of Hihifo. A war that forbid the love between Popeye and his star struck sweetheart Maria, King Haku chief of Hihifo’s only daughter. The feud between the two Chief lines dated back to the early 18th century when the discovery of ‘Oholei Island was claimed by both tribes, each governing the North and South territories they had inhabited. Leader of the Hahake tribe, Popeye had an unusual name, described by the elders of the village as the first word the well-known sailor Christopher Taylor had pronounced during the first trade sessions of goods to ever take place. Similar was the name Maria, introduced through missionaries who travelled an evangelical pilgrimage to the Pacific to spread Christianity and landed on the North side of Oholei Island. Confused about the history that lay between them, both Popeye and Maria despite the warnings of their elders, would meet up right before sunset of every day. The location of encounter known only to the pair was by the three headed coconut tree that divided each territory.

Arriving from sea Popeye hurryingly chucks the net under the coconut tree to dry then hands over his fish filled basket to his mother Niua as he rushes off to collects firewood before the sunsets.

“There you go mother” he whispers, as he quickly grabs the machete and sack heading into the bush.

“That boy of yours, surly takes after his father” Ma’ata adds as she approaches Niua.

Ma’ata also has a son named Tino who is just months younger than Popeye and would be his successor one day as Leader of the Hahake tribe, if there is no heir to Popeyes line. The Village rumour has it that Popeye and Tino are actually half-brothers as both Niua and Ma’ata bore children to Chief Carlos.

“Well I only hope he serves his people well as his father did” answers Niua.

Meanwhile, out in the bush Popeye hides his tracks as he makes his way to the three headed coconut tree to visit Maria who is impatiently waiting for his arrival.

“What took you so long? My grandma can move faster then that” growled Maria.

“Im sorry, we just got back from sea and I picked up some firewood on the way here as an excuse to leave the rest” answered Popeye

“You know Tino, always wanting to follow me, I carefully covered my tracks in case he caught on to me”.

Maria rolled her eyes as she reached over to give Popeye a hug, the two paused in the same position for a while before laughing as they leant on the coconut tree for a rest.

“You know, my mother is not getting any healthier and my family are growing desperate to find a cure” explained Maria.

“Well if there is anything I can do to help, then please do not hesitate to ask” Popeye reassures her.

“I was named Popeye for a reason, my aunty said it’s how captain Taylor described the appearance of my father, apparently his left eye was bigger than his right and that was what distinguished him from the rest of the men in the village”.

“He had a great eye for detail”.

“Enough about your family I came here to tell you about mine” she interrupts.

“Its been three nights since I last saw you, the storm left plenty of drinking water but also two families without houses” reported Maria “My mother is ill and cannot make rulings and so now the pressure is on me”.

“Hmmmmmmm, well why don’t you take the sack of wood I have collected”

“What for” ask’s Maria

“To help with repairs, do you have a better idea?”

Maria apologies and grabs the sack of wood. Her hands are shaking as she stands in silence, face down with her hair tucked behind her ears.

“Hey, everything is going to be just fine, I promise you” says Popeye as he rubs her back to comfort her.

They turn to realise the sun has set and the glow of the stars are becoming their main source of light.

“Well we better get going, we don’t want anyone to realise were missing” Says Maria.

Popeye leans in for a kiss and they each return to Hihifo and Hahake.

“Who was that Pop”? asked a little voice from the bushes

Panicking frantically Popeye stops and from out of the bushes comes Tino.

“You lied to Niua all this time!”

“Shutup you, mind your own business!” shouted Popeye

“I will prove to the village I am the rightful ruler and you are nothing but a traitor who is sneaking around with the enemy” said Tino

“STOP” shouted Popeye, “what did I ever do to you”

“I do not want to be chief; I just want to be happy” sobbed Popeye as he fell to his knees in tears.

Walking back silently, they parted ways as they entered the village. Afraid his secret would be discovered; Popeye waited for his mum before he quietly awoke to pack a small piece of his belongings.

“I have failed my people; I have failed my father maybe Tino was right” he thought to himself.

Before leaving the village outskirts he remembered Maria’s plea for a cure to her mother’s sickness. Popeye made his way back to the village meeting house and tiptoed into the elders room to retrieve the last few drops of herbal medicine used on Ma’ata when she fell ill.

“This should do the trick” he thought to himself, as he quietly wrapped the ointment and carefully placed it in his basket.

“Cooookadududuuuuuuu” the roosters never failed to become the Hahake villages alarm clock, rain or shine.

It was a new morning for Niua to wakeup and not find Popeye next to her. Unusual to her understanding Niua knocks on Ma’ata’s door.

“Good morning, sorry to wake you up but is Popeye here by any chance?” ask’s Niua

“No sorry” replied Ma’ata, “Ill just quickly ask Tino”.

“I am sorry Niua Tino last saw him last night and he looked a bit upset” explained Ma’ata.

“Pssst Maria, over here near the Papaya tree” whispers Popeye

“What are you doing here, do you realise you can get killed if the elders find you”

Popeye smiles as he hands over the ointment “this should hopefully cure your mother; it did the same to my aunty Ma’ata”.


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