POP GENRES ASSIGNMENT 2 Fan Fiction Naruechon Naksingh

Fan Fiction based from ‘Spirited Away’ story

– Before we meet again

Chihiro! Chihiro! The calling name of someone, someone I knew, someone I met. Who is she? I often dream about water, is that sea or river, I couldn’t tell. I heard name of ‘Chihiro’ and sound of watercourse.

“Haku! Wake up!”, “Are you wanna sleep all day long!?” Haku is the given name that people here called me. And this is Ken, my trainee friend who want to be wizard, as I do. We both are training at Aburaya which as the bathhouse that there have the witch own here. The witch name called, “Yubaba”.

“Hey Haku! did you dreamed about that girl again?”, “I heard that you daydream calling her name”,  “Did you see her face this time?”. I have told Ken that I often heard Chihiro name in my dream. “No, just saw lots of water as always”. I want to know who is Chihiro too.

The Aburaya is the bathhouse located in the spirited world where the spirits come to replenish themselves. Anyone who working here have to made a promise with Yubaba. Ken and I do not work here. We do the special mission for Yubaba, as example as find stone, search for diamond and she teach us some of the magical and train how to transform our bodies. 

Today, Yubaba gave the mission to Ken and I to explored some of diamond at Mount Omine. What a day, This afternoon I couldn’t find one. But Ken Pretty good at exploring in the forest mountain. He can turn to the Black Huge Eagle, has a very sharp bird eyes and fly very fast. “Today was so fun, don’t you think Haku?”, “No,I’m tired”, “Oh poor Haku, let’s go down to the boiler room, Kamaji will give us some energy drinks”. 

Kamaji is the very first person that I met at Aburaya, he works at the boiler room to compound all the herbs for bathing. He had warned me to not train here, but learning the magic is my puspose. Ken start the conversation with asking me about how did I get here. “You never told me about your story, Haku” , “I have told you my story that I came from the forest, but you tell me nothing”.

‘Haku’ is not my real name, Yubaba has stolen everyone’s name who works at Aburaya to be controlled. I remember just a few of my memories. I feel like I familiar with water, I wish that somewhere as an ocean, a river, could be where I came from. I remember that I want to be powerful, so I came here to train the magic with Yubaba. “Lucky you, Ken”, “You can remember your story more than me”. “No, just unexpectedly”, Ken replied. 

“Oh! Haku you know what I heard tomorrow we will receive the last and important mission from Yubaba”. “Ah, alright”, I replied.

Next day, “Ken and Haku, today’s mission result will help me to decide who will work with me and who will leave”, Yubaba gave us the last mission. “It’s a competition”. 

The Mount Haku, the mountain’s name same as my given name, it’s weird. This mountain has the God guardian who protect the magnificent orb. “This is the first time that we have to fight with other”, “I hope one of won’t die”, Ken said that with smiley face. I agree with him, I don’t want anyone to die, unexpectedly to fight with people for Yubaba. I just want to have the magic. At the mountain, the magnificent orb stays under the lake in the middle of Mount Haku. Ken and I are fighting with the guardian. It poverty stricken to eliminate him. I protected Ken to collect the orb. We all dove down and fight in the lake. While I am diving into the lake, I heard “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!”. I still concentrate to protect Ken to collect the orb and he cannot do it. “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!” I dove down to help Ken to collect it. Whoosh! The guard knocked me out. I sank and flood into the fall. “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!. Am I gonna die? “Chihiro!”, “Chihiro!” who is ‘Chihiro’?. “Haku!”, “Haku! where are you?”. Who is calling me? “Haku!” Ken help me up to the land. “Where the guardian?”, I asked Ken. “He gone” Ken respond. I told Ken to took the magnificent orb to Yubaba. “You should take this, Haku”, “You helped me and sacrificed yourself, you deserved it”. “Please Ken” I bagged him. Ken told me “It’s all good, my friend”, “I won’t go back to the Aburaya”, “I will go to the waste field, there is so many witches”, “If I went back, Yubaba could kill me haha”. After I said goodbye to Ken, I went back to Aburaya and gave the orb to Yubaba. Yubaba accepted me to work with her. 

“Chihiro!”, “Chihiro! let come and eat this, my dear”, “No! Mom! Dad!” 

Wait, I am not dreaming and I am not in the water. So where the voice come from? I go to the bridge in front of Aburaya. I see the little girl with ponytail. I can feel familiar with this girl. I know her. I know that she is ‘Chihiro’.


On based of this fan fiction use the Campbellian Hero’s Journey (Vogler) for writing.  This fan fiction chose ‘Spirited Away’ to be the based original story. This is telling story of ‘Haku’ who disguises as a human boy and the story talk the story before he become Yubaba’s apprentice to steal her magic. Most of characters are original character from the movie, except Ken. I created Ken to be Haku’s friend and make more story. I used the Vogler form to be the guide of this fiction . From the beginning, start with the originary world where of Spirited Away then make a challenge with Haku hearing ‘Chihiro’ often. Building the mission to proved Haku’s Skills. 

Week1-2 Horror

Q: What is the philosophy of cosmicism and how is it used to convey a sense of dread in both The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Void?

The philosophy of cosmicism is based on the idea of illusion and imagination of human and the literary philosophy developed by writer H.P Lovecraft. Basically it is a belief that humans are insignificant in the cosmic the universe, this has no god in cosmic.

The way that cosmic horror convey a sense of dread 

“A certain atmosphere of breathless and explainable dread of outer, unknown forces must be present; and there must be a hint, expressed with a seriousness and portentousness becoming its subject, of that most terrible conception of the human brain–a malign and particular suspension or defeat of those fixed laws of Nature which are our only safeguard against the assaults of chaos and the daemons of unplumbed space.” (H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature, 1927)

I think the way that cosmic horror convey a sense of dread such as the unknown things like a ghost, evil, monster, alien that those things the sciencelogic evidence cannot prove that they were real. The way that writer describe the appearance of the unknown character that abnormality, the way they move, or attacking to people. The unknown thing could be the imagination world or place that the writer built it up, that can make people cannot know what it going to happen next. Also a culminate plot that people did not expect. The writer might give the reader some hint for finding out the end, but the plot was twist at the end too, expose a secret.

“Where does madness leave off and reality begin?” 
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1939).

The way that cosmic horror convey a sense of dread of The Shadow Over Innsmouth has a culminate plot and unknown thing like a monster. This cosmic has the half fish half human at the main monster. Lovecraft gave people some hint that the main character felt something wrong at the imagination town as Innsmouth. The main character have to expose the secret, then he found that everyone in this town are the monster. After that the reader did not expect but then the main character also be half fish half human. The culminate plot is the way The Shadow Over Innsmouth convey a sense of dread.

The way that cosmic horror convey a sense of dread of The Void also has a  culminate plot many time… they also unknown monster and the biggest main dread should be the belief and science. The plot make all characters come to hospital for healing…Here is the simple setting place as Staci(2016) mention that the most innocuous settings can become frightening with the right treatment. Then they have to hiding there cause unknown people dress up like a priest to kill random(?) people and use the geometry to make people know that that was not the normal religion. The first twist plot was the doctor was killed then the he was the instigator. In my opinion, I really like the way they make this movie so scary but using the atmosphere sound, make that situation distrust. When I first watched this movie, I was expect of jump scare scene. Because the background music/ atmosphere sound built the audience to close their eye and though something scary might come up soon. 

Overall, the plot of cosmic is very important. The way that the writer telling the story to illustrate the imagination world and how they make people still want to read next chapter and want to know the end. The way that the audience/reader know nothing at the beginning and the story give a hint until the secret had solved.


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